Mum and Dad

Another great Crazy Christmas Card and thank you for all the extra information for oldies like us who don’t know our way around the computer particularly well! John Wallace only mentioned to me at church this morning that we hadn’t received your CCC yet! Still love the Snow Plow.

Dan Feldkamp

This is Awesome! Reminds me of the Reptile Gardens in the Black Hills, SD only these alligators could eat ours for lunch!

Merry Christmas!


WOW, those are the friendliest, most docile gators going around town.
Congratulations on yet another amazing, albeit “crazy” … card.
Merry Christmas to all the Taylors.
Paul and Penne

Russ, Michelle, Toby & Lucy

The snow plow will always have a special place in our hearts, but this year we’re voting for the GatorBoys. You guys are maniacs!! Don’t mess with the Taylors!

Hugs from Idaho,

John & Marlene Wallace

I don’t know about these modern parents. When I was Kinsley & Brody’s age, my parents would not let me past the front gate! However, I think this card confirms the crazy antics of the Taylor family continues.
Marlene & John wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas Season and a great New Year of ministry through Hope Kids.

Rochelle and Kurt

Another Fantastic Card! Love the creativity! Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for all you do throughout the year to make the world a happier place. Cheers to the happiest and healthiest New Year!

Rex and Ruth

What a great shot! You must have such fun doing these crazy photos. Never stop doing them as we’ll really miss them.
Keep doing all the wonderful work in Hopekids. You are such a blessing to these children and their parents.
Hope we get to see you all this year.
Love, Rex and Ruth


Still love these cards Josh! Hope you guys have a wonderful christmas and new year. Lots of love from Goose, Bec, Maddi, Ella and Hamish xxx

Rolie, Shannon, Nicole and Allison Matter

Merry Christmas to the Taylors! Thanks for sharing your cards. They are all great and very creative. Being native Minnesotans, the snowplow is still the favorite.

David and Liz Eccleston

Great card and a great collection.
I agree with your mum – the Snow Plow is hard to beat.
Have a lovely Christmas and all the best for you and HopeKids in 2017
David and Liz

Ralph and Betty Jobling

Hi Taylor Tribe,
We have never noticed the “How did they do that?” link before and it has been great to see what planning and technological skills are involved in producing your Crazy Christmas Cards.

It’s all we can do to write an email and transfer photos from our camera to the computer!

With our best wishes to you all as you celebrate Christ’s birth.

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