How Did it Start?

We had no idea that our first Christmas card would turn into a much anticipated part of Christmas for so many family and friends.  We never started it with the idea of it becoming a family tradition but due to the response of “The Cactus” in 2003 we decided to do another in 2004.  It has now become something that people expect and ask about months in advance to make sure we are doing another “Crazy Christmas Card.”

The beginnings were very simple for a newly married couple and went something like this:

J: “With all my family and friends living overseas I don’t want to pay $100 to post 100 Christmas cards that they are just going to read and throw in the trash.”

C: “We have to send them something, what should we do instead?”

J: “What about an email?”

C: “No way, those e-cards are so impersonal.”

J: “What if I did something funny with a photo in photoshop to send them?”

C: “That would be better because it’s more personal and we at least went to a little effort.  What do you have in mind?”

J: “I don’t know.  Since we live in Arizona, what about us sitting in a cactus?”

The rest is history!